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Check Out Our Volleyball Range

Suited for the big beach day summer games or as personalised promotional giveaways, our 100% fully customisable promotional Volleyballs are a fantastic way to really heat up your big event day.

Official volleyball regulations state that the volleyball itself must have a circumference of 65-67cm and weigh in between 260-280g. We use both soft foamy PVC and Satin with cross lamination for perfect shape retention.

Our promotional custom Volleyballs are machine stitched and offered in a custom mini, standard size 5 and our best Professional full size Volleyballs are finished in PU (Polyurethane) with a meticulous hand stitched finish.

As a choice option, our custom Volleyballs PVC are perfect for promotional events and for use in the garden or the beach - the mini Volleyballs PVC being the best option for this for young children.

For big match day events our custom Volleyball PU are hand-stitched and crafted with the purpose of delivery better durability, lightness and aerodynamic stability, while also being a great premium giveaway at any big important event! 


Volleyball Size Guide


Mini Promotional Volleyball PVC

52-54cm circumference & 120-140g weight

Mini size 2 Volleyball PVC for promotional souvenirs and basic beach/garden play


Full size 5 Promotional Volleyball PVC

65-67cm circumference & 260-275g weight

Standard Full size (5) Promotional Volleyball PVC


Full size 5 Professional Volley PU (Polyurethene)

65-67cm circumference & 260-275g weight

Full Size Professional Custom Volleyball (PU) for professional training and matches or as premium giveaways

Printing and Customisation Options

We offer our promotional custom Volleyballs with 18 panels.

Like many of our customizable balls, the ball is printed on with your design and choice of colours before being stitched together, eliminating any wasted space so your artwork can really stand out!

All of the Promotional Volleyball can be 100% fully customized with artworks of your choice with screen colour printing, flood printing and the option of full colour/digital print too.

When choosing your choice of colours please know that we offer the first 4 spot colours of your choice included in the price.

Please browse the page here to explore our design options for Custom Volleyballs or alternatively speak with our friendly design team who can assist you further.


Next Steps

  • Request a Quote

Whether you've requested a quote online, via email or over the phone, you will be emailed a quote that will include a breakdown of unit price, set-up charges and delivery costs. These prices will be based on your chosen product quality, quantity, delivery location and printing options. There are no hidden charges with Just Balls. Your quote will also include the additional details such as the product size, colours available, print areas and lead times.

  • Request a Visual

Do you need some help with your pitch to the client? Maybe some ball mockups to help your client 'visualise' the logo branded ball? Our 3D ball visual templates have been proven to help our distributors with their sales pitch. Contact us for no-obligation ball visuals, as many as you like with as many revisions as you want! 

  • Request a Sample

If you would like to see a sample of a ball before placing an order, please feel free to request one from our sales team. For our UK based trade distributors, samples are provided free of charge with next-day delivery.