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Machine vs Handstitched Balls

Machine Stitched Footballs

The quickest and most affordable approach, so it’s often found on lower cost options. The stitch is strong and consistent but exposed. 

It’s also shallow and as such, offers very little in terms of performance benefit but a great option for promotional use.

As standard, all our promotional footballs are machine-stitched.

Hand Stitched Footballs

A superior quality and match ready, hand stitching is the traditional method used. The big advantage of hand stitching is that the seams are much deeper giving greater aerodynamic stability and the stitches are protected from wear. Further these stitches put the balls surface under greater tension than a machine stitch, giving greater power.

This is however a costly method of manufacture and as such balls will typically be a higher price.

As standard, all our training & match footballs are hand-stitched.