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Efficient Manufacturing

Goods produced in ISO & SGFI certified factories where no child labour is involved

Price Conscious

Whether a promotional ball or a premium one, always great on value, without sacrificing on quality

Great Logistics

Different logistics options, choose between fast turnaround or longer but cost effective solutions.

Stunning Visuals

Advanced in house design services with stunning visuals to complement your product ideas


At PROMOTIONAL FOOTBALLS we are fanatical about balls and we go to great lengths to ensure you always get the very best.

Every time you buy a PROMOTIONAL FOOTBALLS product, you can be rest assured that you will not only be getting a superb looking product. You will also be getting one of the best quality balls on the market.

We design and create our own products enabling us to deliver exceptional service, delivery, value and quality as per our customer’s requisite.

We work hard to ensure that our products are made to the highest quality. ALL our products come with a guarantee that NO CHILD LABOUR has ever, or will ever, be involved in the manufacturing of any of the products we sell.

Whatever your passion is, Football, Rugby, Basketball, Volleyball OR ANYTHING ELSE... we have the products for you.

The Trusted Choice

We at PROMOTIONAL FOOTBALLS guide you with various options to achieve striking brand replication to your chosen ball and we work to create full visual proofs before you move forward to order, to ensure you and your clients are 100% happy with the finished product. We love to create 3D visuals for you to help you with your pitch along with great service.

It’s for these reasons we take our products so seriously...our products are made for your enjoyment!!

Trusted in UK due to highly competitive pricing and express deliveries.